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Who, Why & When it is needed

The Category B+E / trailer test is required for drivers of cars or light vans ( Category B ) and up to 3500 kg in weight, towing a trailer over 750 kg.

If you have passed your Car Test (Category B) after 1997 and wish to tow a trailer over 750 kg you are required by law to take the additional Category B&E test.

If you would like more information on the test itself please visit the DVLA Website

What does the test consist of ?

( average time 1.5 hours) Reading a number plate at approximately 20- 20.5 metres as per Cat B driving test. Safety Questions Click here for example questions… C. Off Road Manoeuvres ( 25 mins approx )

  1. Reversing exercise

  2. Uncouple

  3. Re-couple

  4. Safety questions

D. On Road Drive ( 60 mins )

  1. Be able to move off from theside of the road safely

  2. Pull in and stop in a safe and convenient place

  3. Complete an angle start

  4. Complete a down / up hill start

  5. Show  ability to drive this vehicle safely

No Theory / Hazard Perception Test required at present

Ready to learn?

The B+E Trailer test can be a  difficult test to pass due to the elements involved all of which can result in a pass or fail. It is important to ensure that your driving is of a high standard. As it is all to easy to have picked up some bad habits since you completed you driving test, you can rest assured that i will get you back on the right track for a successful result.

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